The Language and Culture of Gaeltacht na nDéise
Gaeilge agus Cultúr na nDéise


Programme Outline

The objective of the course is to provide Irish Language Tuition and Cultural Activities, in an enjoyable and relaxed setting. The community ethos at the Coláiste, between staff, visiting teachers and visiting learners ensures a pleasant atmosphere, where visitors can learn and or improve their knowledge of the Irish Language whilst enjoying a culturally rich holiday.

The courses are aligned with Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge – TEG, the Common European Framework for Languages, and will be offered at A1, A2, B1 and B2 level.

All language and cultural enthusiasts are welcome at Coláiste na Rinne, however, we recommend that those with no Irish acquire some basic conversational phrases such as those below prior to arrival :
How are you | I am well – Conas atá tú ? Tá mé go maith / go breá /
What is your Name | My name is Mary  – Cad is ainm duit ? Máire is ainm dom
Where are you from | I am from –  Carbh as duit? Is as Eirinn mé

Why not prepare for this one or two week experience in Gaeltacht na nDéise by joining our fully interactive, teacher led ONLINE IRISH CLASSES. Our next series 8 week series begins in March. Early booking is advised with a beginners, intermediate and advanced class available. 

Alternatively check out the following introductory resources:   Introductions / Cur in aithne   |  Audio Files  | Duolingo 

TEG Themes addressed in the various levels :
: Introductions, Home place, The House/accommodation, The Family, Hobbies, Feelings and Emotions, The Weather, The Workplace/University; Language Structure, the Verb System, Prepositional Pronouns, Personal Numbers.

A2: Personal details, Travel and Holidays, Home place, Work and Study, Communicating in the restaurant, Describing people, Making arrangements and plans, Shopping, Directions, Requesting a Favour; Prepositional Pronouns, Tenses and Moods, The Copula, Gender of Nouns, Adjectives, The Dative Case

B1 and B2: Introductions; Personal details, The Family, Travel and Holidays, Languages and Nationalities, Hobbies, Festivals, Food, Personalities, Feelings and Sickness, Current Affairs and Social Media; Writing Letters; E-mails; Possessive Adjectives, Numbers, Regular and Irregular Verbs, Gender of Nouns, Simple