How can I travel the 10Km from Dungarvan to Coláiste na Rinne in Ring on July 31st or August 14th

There is a local link bus service which operates between Dungarvan and Ring. You can view the schedule at this link, the route is the first one listed -> In addition, we will arrange a bus to collect our visitors in Dungarvan, who have travelled from around Ireland and the world on July 31st and again on August 14th. We will confirm the time of the departure of that bus from Dungarvan to Ring, in early July. We expect it will leave Dungarvan at about 3pm.

Can I arrive the day before the course begins on either July 30th for start on July 31st or on August 13th for start on August 14th?

The first day of our programmes are designed as a check-in, welcome and briefing day. We are conscious that our visitors will have travelled from far and wide so it is a casual day with a gathering at 6pm, after accommodation check in. We will serve a welcome meal, give a briefing of the programme and the area and very importantly, get to know one another. If any participant wants to check the appropriateness of the level of the class they have registered for they will be welcome to chat with one of our teachers. Classes begin following breakfast on the morning of August 1st and August 15th respectively.

Is the 7 day course (Aug 14th to 21st) a follow on from the 12 day course (July 31st to Aug 12th) are are they more or less the same content same? content?

The courses are the same in terms of class content, outings activities etc. the only difference being that the 12 day has 5 additional days with content / activities, not included in the 7 day course.

Is the programme suitable for complete new comers to the Irish language? An bhfuil an cúrsa seo oiriúnach le haghaidh glan-fhoghlaimeoirí?

We offer four levels using the TEG curriculum (, A1, A2, B1 and B2/C1 , with A1 representing the first step for beginners. However, we do recommend that for beginners to get the most value from the programme, they make a little effort in advance to pick up basic phrases and vocabulary. There are many online teaching / learning sites and we also offer a beginners, fully interactive, teacher led online course starting at the end of March, you can check out the details here ->

How do I know the appropriate level class I should join? Conas go mbeadh fhios agam cén leibhéal ranga a bheadh oiriúnach domsa?

We have 4 levels of learning and encourage visitors to have researched which level is most appropriate for them in advance. For those beginning or in the very early stages of their learning the level is clearly A1. For those who are already highly proficient or who have a university level of Irish Language knowledge the appropriate level will be B2/C1.
The challenge is often choosing between A2 level (lower intermediate) or B1 level (higher intermediate). For those who have been through the Irish schooling system, learners who have completed junior certificate or pass leaving certificate Irish, then A2 is probably the best level. For those who have a competent grasp of Irish perhaps having Leaving Certificate Honours Irish, then the B1 level would be most suitable.
For Irish language learners unfamiliar with the Irish schooling system, the A2 class is suitable for those who have moved beyond the first steps of the language learning and who can have a basic conversation about themselves, their family, their job, the weather. For those who are already conversationally competent, are familiar with grammar rules, have a reasonable wide vocabulary and phrases and who can move comfortably between tenses, past, present, future and conditional then the B1 class would be most suitable.
This online test can help those trying to decide between A2 and B1. Those scoring less than 40% are most likely A2 learners.

Are there any ensuite rooms available on campus? An bhfuil aon seomraí ensuite ar fáil ar an gcampas?

The rooms on campus are comfortable, clean and very convenient to all the College facilities, however, there are no ensuite rooms available nor or the rooms of the typical modern hotel standard. Here on our website we have provided a list of Irish speaking home owners in the area who offer such facilities. Visitors need to contact and pay these providers directly and choose the programme option from our website which excludes on campus accommodation.

Is there public transport linking the Coláiste to other places in the Gaeltacht or to other towns in the vicinity? An bhfuil córas iompair phoiblí ar fáil a nascann an Cóláiste le háiteanna eile timpeall na Gaeltachta nó le háiteanna eile in aice lámha?

There is a rural bus link which connects the Coláiste to Dungarvan and Ardmore and picks up and drops of passengers along the route. It runs a number of times during the day, but please be advised to plan your journey(ies) carefully to co-incide with the bus schedule. You can keep updated with the seasonal schedules using this link
The route number is 361 Ardmore - An Sean Phobal - Heilbhic - Ann Rinn to Dungarvan

If I live locally, have my own accommodation or choose to arrange my own accommodation using the list provided on this website, are my meals on campus included in the programme that I book on the webiste? Má tá cónaí orm go háitiúil, má tá mó lóistín féin agam, nó má roghnaím chun mo lóistín féin a eagrú ag úsáid an liosta atá curtha ar fáil ar an suíomh gréasáin, an bhfuil mo bhéilí ar an gcampas fós san áireamh sa chúrsa a chuirim in áirithe ar an suíomh gréasáin?

Yes. Once you book the programme on our website, regardless of your accommodation choice, all your meals are included, breakfast, lunch and dinner on campus. We feel that much learning takes place in informal and convivial settings and in our opinion sharing home cooked meals with others, is the most convivial of activities. Included also are classes, outings, workshops and evening activities.

If I am choosing on campus accommodation are towels, bed linen etc supplied? Má tá mé ag piocadh an lóistín ar an gcampas an mbeidh tuáillí, bráillíní srl curtha ar fáil?

Yes, towels and bed linen are supplied. There are also laundry facilities on campus which visitors can use for a nominal fee.

What should I pack for a one week or 12 day stay? Céard is chóir dom a phacáil ar feadh tréimhse seachtaine nó tréimhse coicíse sa Choláiste.

Irish weather is special! It can be beautiful and it can be beautifully wet and wild. We do outdoor activities as part of the programme and of course everything is optional! Good walking shoes / boots are advisable if you wish to take part is beach and mountain walks. In additional, a warm sweater / hoodie is useful, layers that can be added and removed and a rain jacket is a must, just in case! Ar eagla na heagla!

Are there laundry facilities onsite?

Yes there is a laundry onsite where machines can be operated using coins available for purchase at the main office.

Is it preferable to have a car? An fearr carr a bheith agam?

It depends! Everything our visitors need is available on campus or near by. However, we are rurally located, with a very limited bus service so if you wish to explore the wider region, towns and countryside independently, then a car is advisable. If you are staying off campus, check how far the accommodation is from the Coláiste, walking .5 / 1 mile each way at least once daily, can be no distance or trouble for some, whilst for others it can be problematic. Accommodation providers are often willing to provide lifts, so do ask if you are staying off campus.