1st wk Aug 10 to 17 | 2nd wk Aug 17 to 24 | 2 wks Aug 10 to 24 / 2019

A unique opportunity to learn the Irish language in the Waterford Gaeltacht
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Fulbright Gaeltacht Summer Award Scholarships available. Contact us for further information; micheal@anrinn.com
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Gaeilge agus Cultúr na nDéise

Programme Outline

Each course will include:

  • Intensive instruction in spoken Irish each day (up to 5 hours of classes).
  • Special classes in traditional Irish sean nós singing and dancing.
  • Introductory lectures on relevant topics including Irish History, Literature and Folklore.
  • Cultural Activities
  • Excursions and guided walks
  • Accommodation, full board (all meals)

The courses are aligned with Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge – TEG, the Common European Framework for Languages, and will be offered at A1, A2, B1 and B2 level.

A1: Introductions, Home place, The House/accommodation, The Family, Hobbies, Feelings and Emotions, The Weather, The Workplace/University; Language Structure, the Verb System, Prepositional Pronouns, Personal Numbers.

A2: Personal details, Travel and Holidays, Home place, Work and Study, Communicating in the restaurant, Describing people, Making arrangements and plans, Shopping, Directions, Requesting a Favour; Prepositional Pronouns, Tenses and Moods, The Copula, Gender of Nouns, Adjectives, The Dative Case

B1 and B2: Introductions; Personal details, The Family, Travel and Holidays, Languages and Nationalities, Hobbies, Festivals, Food, Personalities, Feelings and Sickness, Current Affairs and Social Media; Writing Letters; E-mails; Possessive Adjectives, Numbers, Regular and Irregular Verbs, Gender of Nouns, Simple

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