Roisin going to Ring was, for us, like our daughter being placed into the care of a family - a unique family of teachers, house-parents and other carers and guardians from a community steeped in the Irish language and tradition - people who have taught her not only a high standard of academic subjects, but have also taught her an appreciation for her heritage, made her native language her own, nurtured and developed her talents, and instilled basic life skills.


Fantastic. I think Eamonn will look back in years to come and say that the Coláiste was an integral part of making him the man he will become.

We would highly recommend the Scoil na Leanaí experience, particularly coming from a small rural school. It’s great that everyone is new together and they all support each-other. Thank You.
David and Anne

What I like most about Ring College is that the format is simple, unpretentious; the children are allowed to be children. Our four daughters attended the College and I highly recommend it to others. 100% top class. The education under the guidance of the principal is top class too.
Paul and Ann

I cannot recommend a year in Coláiste na Rinne highly enough.
Jim and Aoife

“We had 4 children in An Rinn. It’s not just about learning Irish but about gaining independence and meeting new people and having new experiences. The break from iPhones iPads etc is a great respite for young minds and they all have lasting memories and friendships. The staff are kind and caring but discipline is upheld and is fair. The location by the sea is idyllic and they come home with a healthy glow! Rinne is more than just a school – it’s a life experience.”

“I am so pleased that my daughter Áine decided to go to Coláiste na Rinne. It has been a wonderful adventure and she has made lovely friends from all over Ireland. After a year in the Coláiste, Áine has a new found love for the Irish language. The staff have all been so kind and supportive to her and she has learnt many life skills which will benefit her as she grows up. Coláiste na Rinne has been a home from home. What an amazing year!!!”

Peter’s year in An Rinn has been a great experience that he loved. Speaking Irish was phased in very nicely, as the students settled into being away from home. He always felt incredibly well looked after. It is a lot more than learning Irish. He has had a great developmental experience on so many fronts – independence, maturity, learning more sports (so much of his free time has been spent playing different sports) and mixing with new friends – great friends from everywhere. The away from home piece was much easier because he liked the food so much.
Bryan, Dublin

We received exemplary support from my daughter’s teacher during the year and I would like to commend her particularly. The staff in the office were also great, especially during the first few months.

My daughter undoubtedly developed over the year and overcame some significant challenges. The experience has prepared her well for secondary boarding school.
Louise and Dave

It’s been an amazing year for my daughter. She made so many friends and great memories. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything.

Our daughter has benefitted hugely from the experience at Coláiste na Rinne”

It’s been a wonderful uniquely Irish experience for our son – well done to every member of staff.
Patrick and Emma

Steven had a most enjoyable and interesting year.
Philip and Maire

Really delighted that Sophie made great progress on a number of fronts, socially, physically, linguistically and academically.
Mary and Fergal

Excellent food; like a hotel.

Julie was the second child in our family to attend Scoil na Leanaí at Coláiste na Rinne. We feel that learning through the medium of the Irish Language has been a very positive experience for both our children. The standard of teaching is excellent across all subjects.
Maeve and Peter

Liam left the College completely satisfied and our other children will attend the Coláiste too.

My daughter enjoyed her year immensely and in today’s age I certainly admire the absence of electronic devices – this is a big advantage.
Cliona and Louis

Jim has gained a lot of confidence – his Irish has come on so much – he is now ready for secondary school. Mairead

Really like the idea that the children don’t have mobile phones or computers – this is what makes it a success. Robert and Patricia

Seán has grown up so much during the year – he has matured and become independent – and his Irish is great too.

The year has been fantastic for Peter – he has learned to enjoy life without wifi, computer games and mobile phones. He also made so many new friends there.
Michael and Susan