Coláiste na Rinne | Rules & Regulations

Our rules & regulations help to ensure a safe & happy environment so all can learn and enjoy. Parents / Guardians please review the rules & regulations with your child(ren);

  1. Students who do not make a sincere and honest effort to speak Irish will not be allowed to remain on the Cúrsa. This must be clearly understood by both parents and students.
    Students will have limited access to their mobile phones during the course (approx 1 hour per day – 6.30 – 7.30pm).  Otherwise phones will be securely stored by Coláiste na Rinne.  Parents can contact students through the Main Office Number 058 46128 throughout the day if necessary.
  3. Students may not…
  • be absent from the course OVERNIGHT
  • leave the defined areas in which the course operates without specific prior written consent of their parents/guardians by email and special permission from An Oifig here. Permission by phone is not satisfactory.
  • visit licensed premises, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be in possession of alcohol/cigarettes/illegal substances while on the Cúrsa.
  • have in their possession, hair straighteners, ipods etc.
  • chewing gum is forbidden for reasons of hygiene.
  • become involved in, or encourage, inappropriate or anti-social behaviour
  • students will be liable for any damage to property.
  1. Students staying at Coláiste na Rinne should provide…
  • duvet, one pair of sheets, a pillow case and a towel,
  • rainwear,
  • personal sports equipment, musical instruments etc., to avail of our facilities,
  • hard covered copybook and biro.
  1. Students may lodge pocket money in the College Bank. The Bank is open from Monday – Friday 09.15 – 10.00 only.
  2. Company keeping – of an exclusive nature is not allowed and decorum is expected in behaviour and dress.
  3. Good conduct is expected at all times. Infringement of College Rules are investigated by An Bord Smachta. As outlined in our Cód Smachta, there is a balanced approach to the disciplinary process. Where there is repeated transgression or a serious transgression of rules the matter is referred to An Príomhoide and the parents are contacted if deemed appropriate. Coláiste reserves the right to terminate the stay of any student for serious/persistent violation of college rules for any other reason judged to be in the interest of the common good.
  4. Pupils are required to be punctual in relation to all aspects of the College timetable.
  5. The Rules and Regulations apply equally to pupils in the Coláiste, day pupils and   those accommodated in houses sa Rinn.

Personal Accident Insurance

A premium for Personal Accident Insurance  is included in the Fee for the course. Otherwise all medical expenses are borne by the student’s parents / guardians