The online course will be delivered by well known SCG | OCG teacher Mícheál Ó Máirtín

ABOUT COLÁISTE NA RINNE’S next online 10 week SCG OCG course October 2022

Coláiste na Rinne has been delivering SCG OCG, exam preparation courses online since 2018 and provides a unique learning experience for teachers who have qualified overseas. The online courses have been designed and delivered by vastly experienced teacher Míchéal Ó Máirtín.

Due to demand two course options are offered to SCG OCG participants,

  • one for those who are absolute beginners and who require a foundation Irish Language programme before embarking on the SCG OCG syllabus
  • the second course is for those who have sufficient knowledge to embark on the SCG OCG syllabus

Participants attending both courses :

  • receive the class materials in advance of each class by email and
  • receive a recording of each class following the class.

The latter enables participants tp review the content / teachings from each class at their own pace and their own convenience. The recordings also enable participants to catch up on any class they may miss during the course of the ten week series.

Cúrsa Gaeilge ar líne do lucht SCG-OCG | Online 10 week course for Irish Language Requirement (Some Knowledge)

Coláiste na Rinne online course will be divided into two modules:

  • Modúl 1 | 10 classes will start October 2022 – covering  Units / Aonad 1 – 9 from Cóir Ghaoithe for SCG teachers and Sruth na Maoile for OCG teachers.
  • Modúl 2 | 10 classes from January to March 2023 – covering  Units / Aonad 10 – 18 from Cóir Ghaoithe for SCG teachers and Sruth na Maoile for OCG teachers.

These classes cover :

  • Aistriúchán (Translations)
  • Gramadach (Grammar)
  • Scrúdú Cainte ( Oral Irish)
  • Scríbhneoireacht (Writing)
  • Léamhthuiscint (Comprehension)
  • Múineadh na Gaeilge  (Teaching of Irish)  and
  • Cuairteanna Scoile (School Visits) will  be covered

Prose and Poetry for the SCG course will also be covered

Please go to for information on the SCG-OCG course.