Do the students go home at weekends?

Students go home every third weekend. A bus is provided from the College to Dublin stopping off at various points along the way, which suits some children / parents. Alternatively parents/guardians can collect their children. Children leave / are collected on the Saturday of ‘home weekends’ from 12.30pm, after school is finished are back on-campus by 7pm on Sunday evening. There are also 5 weekends during the academic year when the children go home on Friday at 3.30pm and return on Sunday evening, one of these being between September and Halloween, the second between Halloween and Christmas and 3 others during the New Year.
Otherwise being in the college over the weekends greatly helps students immerse themselves in the language and culture of the area. Frequent visits by parents / guardians or frequent visits home are not recommended as this tends to disrupt both the learning and adjustment process for the children.

What is the accommodation like for students?

There are two separate dormitory areas on different floors one for boys and one for girls. The dormitories are sub-divided into smaller sections consisting of one or two single beds, lockers and two wardrobes.

Which classes are offered in the primary school?

The sixth class curriculum is offered in the primary school. Scoil na Leanaí is a school run under the Dept. of Education.

Do children typically get homesick?

From time to time some children are effected by homesickness – which can happen at different times of the year and for different reasons. The staff at Coláiste na Rinne are expert in responding to children who feel homesick. Children with a touch of homesickness are treated with kindness and compassion and are often encouraged back into good spirits before too long. Where parental/guardian intervention is required they are contacted to assist with the situation as necessary.

Must children speak Irish immediately?

Irish is the language used in school from the beginning whilst commonly used daily phrases are also always in use around the Coláiste, in the dining room, recreational areas and in the dormitory areas. These everyday phrases are all very quickly adopted by the children. Typically the first and second terms are about encouragement and confidence building. By the end of the second term children’s fluency is beginning to improve significantly and this is very much built on when they return after the Christmas break.

What is the food like?

Many parents inquire about the food served at the Coláiste and are anxious about their children’s particular ‘likes and don’t likes’. However, children love the food here and there appears to be something positive about communal dining, as children who may have been ‘fussy eaters’ at the beginning of the year seem to put their ‘pickiness’ on hold whilst with their friends in the dining room.
Produce is in the main, sourced locally, prepared freshly each day on site and menus are frequently rotated. Children are offered a choice of options for their main meal, served at lunch time. Each meal and options are carefully constructed with health, well-being and enjoyment in mind.

What kind of supervision is provided at Coláiste na Rinne?

Students are carefully supervised throughout their time at Coláiste na Rinne. During the day and throughout evening activities students are supervised by teachers, teams of trained adult supervisors and activity co-ordinators. At night time the Coláiste has Tuismitheoirí Tí | House Parents who overnight in the students’ dormitory area.

Are students allowed to have their mobile phones?

Children are not allowed to have mobile phones at the Colaiste. Parents/guardians can use the Colaiste’s phones to contact their children as follows:
8.30am to 9.30am
1pm to 2pm
6pm to 7pm
and of course at any time in the event of an emergency.

What and when are children allowed to have sweets etc ?

Children are allowed if they so wish, to bring their own allocation of sweets from home which is stored in their tuck boxes which they have access to once a day.

Is there a laundry facility?

Yes there is a laundry on-site which students can avail of on a biweekly basis.

What religious ceremonies are facilitated?

Students can attend mass on Sunday or Saturday evenings in the local Church with college staff and mass is also celebrated in the Coláiste every Wednesday morning. Prayers and rosary are said daily for those who wish to participate.

Who do we contact first in the event of any problem?

Parents and supervisors are always welcome to phone the office where staff will direct you to the most appropriate person depending on the issue / problem. Tel: 058 46128 Email:

Is there a bus facility for travelling to and back at weekends?

Yes we organise a supervised bus from Coláiste na Rinne to Dublin with additional stops as required.

Do the children wear uniforms?

Yes children wear a specific uniform every day and change into their sports uniform after school. They wear their own choice of clothing on Sundays.

How are medical situations managed?

Coláiste na Rinne has three nurses on its team. One of the nursing team is available in the infirmary every morning before school should any child feel unwell or need a chat and our nurses attend at meal times also. Should any of our nurses have a concern about any of the children in our care, they make contact with the child's parents / guardians.