It's all about team work !

Open and honest collaboration between Coláiste staff, parents / guardians and students is vital
  1. Please read, explain and discuss the rules and regulations of the Coláiste with your child.
  2. Impress on your child (children) the dangers involved in misbehaviour on the beach and especially in the water. Strict instructions are issued to all students here. Infringement of this rule can entail immediate expulsion.      We have a balanced step by step approach to the disciplinary process.
  3. Advise pupils of their responsibility for their personal belongings and encourage respect for the College property.   Students are responsible for their own  property and the College does not accept liability for items which are lost/stolen.   Personal items should clearly labelled to aid indentification.
  4. Medical expenses are borne by the student/parents/guardians.
  5. Open and prompt communication on matters pertaining to your child’s welfare and well being is vital and always welcome.
  6. As FULLY completed applications are confirmed on a first come first served basis, it is advisable to return the Application Form without delay thereby avoiding disappointment in securing on-campus accommodation on the Cúrsa of your choice.