Can I make multiple bookings at the same time - during the same transaction?

Only one booking for one child on one course is permitted per form / transaction. Our site was designed in this way and does not have a shopping cart facility. This was not a requirement in previous years. Consideration will be given to making this a feature on the website for future years.

What is the aim of Cursa H, the intensive leaving cert focused two week course?

The aim of this course is to support, strengthen and direct students to reach their highest potential in the leaving certificate examination.

• This intensive course aims to immerse pupils in the language and help to develop their aural, oral and writing skills.

• Pupil numbers are restricted in order to optimise pupil participation in class.

• All aspects of the Leaving Certificate Course are covered in preparation for the Oral Examination, Cluastuiscint (Aural Examination), Léamhthuiscint, Aistí, Sraithpictiúr (1-20), Prós, Fílíocht, Graiméar, Obair Bheirte, Léamh na Filíochta.

• Students undertake 6 mock Oral Examinations during the course and are given constructive feedback which is posted home with results of the 6 Aural Examinations.

• On average, student attainment in the Oral examinations increased by 30% on completion of Cúrsa H in recent years.

When is the best time to book a place on any of the courses ?

Information on summer course dates and fees are made available here on our website from September. Bookings for summer courses usually begin to arrive as soon as dates and forms are available in September and continue until April and sometimes May (depending on availability). We advise parents and students to apply as early as they can as trends vary from year to year (certain dates can fill very quickly one year whilst others fill are more popular the next year). Students who want to attend with friends are urged to apply early and at the same time.

How much do the summer courses cost and where do students stay?

The costs vary according to the type of course and also whether students are living on campus or off campus (with an Irish speaking family locally and some students are living locally).
• The two week courses including on-campus accommodation and meals cost €1,100
• The tuition fee for two week courses for children staying with a host family is €550 whilst the accommodation fee paid directly to the Host Family is €550
• The two week intensive Leaving Certificate focused course including accommodation and meals cost €1,250

Students who live locally or who choose to live off campus pay €550 for tuition and all activities for the two week courses.

What’s the difference between staying in the college and staying with a family locally?

The main difference is those who stay on campus have the convenience of having everything on site i.e. accommodation, meals, classes, activities etc. Otherwise all students participate in the full 2 week programme of classes and recreational activities, including evenings and weekends.

What does the on-campus accommodation consist of?

The on-campus accommodation is based on separate dormitories on separate floors – one for male students and one for female students. The dormitories are further divided into smaller sections consisting of beds with a locker and wardrobe.

What kind of supervision is provided for students on the summer courses?

Students are carefully supervised throughout their time at Coláiste na Rinne. During the day and throughout evening activities students are supervised by teachers and young adult supervisors. Overnight the Coláiste has Tuismitheoirí Tí / House Parents who overnight in the students’ dormitory area. There are also nurses on-call during the summer months to attend to the medical needs of students should they arise.

How strict is Coláiste na Rinne in relation to students speaking Irish and what sanctions apply to those who speak English?

We expect all students to make an honest effort to use Irish throughout their stay in Coláiste na Rinne. We encourage and reward sincere efforts and improvements and monitor closely students who repeatedly use English. The parents of students who do not make an honest effort after a number of interventions by Coláiste staff are asked to take their child home as they disrupt the learning opportunities for others, this happens only when other efforts have been exhausted.

What type of recreational activities does the Coláiste arrange?

The Coláiste offers an extensive range of team games, individual sports and recreational activities including football, hurling, rounders, basketball, volleyball, pitch & putt, handball, tennis, table tennis, chess, draughts, swimming at designated beaches, céilithe etc. Informal games and recreation, such as treasure hunts, walks, competitions, etc., are organised on a weekly basis.

Are classes divided according to age / ability ?

When applying students are asked to indicate whether they will be / are pursuing honours or pass level of Irish in school. Coláiste na Rinne streams classes according to this information and according to age groups.

How do students who attend on their own get on?

Some students register with a friend from school or from home whilst many come on their own and make lots of new friends during their time at the Coláiste. We also aim to accommodate students who register to attend on their own with other students who have registered on their own.

What must students bring with them?

• personal sports equipment, musical instruments etc., to avail of our facilities.
• rainwear
• hard covered copybook and biro.
• Students staying in the college must bring their own duvet, one pair of sheets, a pillow case and a towel.
• pocket money (about €40) can be lodged at the campus bank and withdrawn as required on Monday to Friday mornings.

How does the waiting list operate and are those on the waiting list likely to get a place?

We keep a formal waiting list once places on the course have been filled. In many cases those on the waiting list are offered a place, though we can't guarantee this. Parents on the waiting list do complete the application form and also pay the deposit and are offered a place as cancellations are received.
Parents / guardians can also email to withdraw from the waiting list and receive a full refund at any point. Parents do cancel their children's places over the coming months for a wide variety of reasons, so places do become available on an ongoing basis, right up until the weeks before courses start. We also run a database for parents who may like to receive an email to complete an application form and pay the deposit, in order to join the waiting list as it continues to shorten.

Do students go home at weekends?

No, as the course is relatively short the Coláiste staff schedule lots of weekend activities to entertain students and also to continue the learning process.

If there is a special family occasion or sporting commitment during the course are students permitted to leave the course temporarily?

The Coláiste makes exceptions on a case by case situation and is always happy to facilitate important occasions.

I find my teenager gets bored quickly – is this likely to happen during the course?

Students’ days are filled with ranganna | classes, sporting activities, recreation and their evening is rounded off with a Céilí. There is really no time for boredom!