Research Facilities | Áiseanna Taighde

The Coláiste offers visiting academics, post graduate students and researchers access to its new study library on a fixed or variable term basis. The library is located adjacent to the archival library and is a comfortable, bright, modern, research space in a relaxed, yet secluded environment. The library ​has been recently refurbished with assistance from Waterford Leader Partnership and is equipped with Wifi. Spaces can be reserved according to clients’ requirements. Indicative full-time fees are from €200 per month.

Coláiste na Rinne - David Clynch Photography

Residential Packages|Pacáistí Cónaitheacha

On-campus accommodation and meals are also available to researchers from an additional €4​00 per month. The College tailors packages to reflect clients’ requirements.


Digitising Services | Seirbhísí Digitithe


Using its BookDrive Pro Coláiste na Rinne’s qualified staff offer a professional and completely confidential digitising service.

BookDrive Pro is the most powerful model of the successful BookDrive line of scanners. BookDrive solution solves typical problems found in overhead scanners: page curvature, damage to book spine, and low productivity.

The BookDrive uses a different approach called a V-shaped solution. The combination of a V-shaped book cradle and a V-shaped platen holds the book open at a non-stressful 120 degree angle for scanning by two hi-speed, hi-resolution DSLR cameras.

ATIZ scanner (2)