Scheduled and spontaneous celebrations of music, song and dance in local community halls and pubs sustain the deeply rooted heritage in the performing arts whilst also delighting visitors to Gaeltacht na nDéise. Schedule music events are advertised in advance at these locations; Tigh an Cheoil,  Cór Fear na nDéiseAn SeanachaíDungarvan Singers Club. 

Local pubs include;

Tigh an Cheoil

058 46455

Tigh Uí Mhuirithe
058 46107

Mooneys | Tigh Uí Mhaonaigh
058 46204

John Pauls | Tigh Sheán Póil
058 46323

….and less than 3Km from the Gaeltacht
The Marine Bar | An Marine
058 46520

An Seanachaí
058 46755

Kiely’s Cross Pub
085 1372793




Café and Restaurants

An Linn Bhuidhe
058 46854

Seaweed Baths and Café
058 46052

An Seanachaí Restaurant
058 46755