TEG – Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge

European Certification of proficiency in the Irish Language


Coláiste na Rinne is delighted to offer a range of online courses for adults which reflect the widely recognised TEG curriculum and materials, Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge – European Certification of proficiency in the Irish Language.
TEG offers Irish language learners a pathway to proficiency starting with the beginners level A1 and progressing over six levels to the expert level of C2. SOME Irish Language Learners choose to mark their improvement by undertaking TEG exams, managed by Maynooth University, whilst others attend our classes for the joy of learning Irish in the company of others. Coláiste na Rinne courses cater for both types of learners.


TEG offers an online test HERE which can help learners get a general idea of their level of proficiency, however this test is only one step in the process; participants are advised to consult a / their teacher before choosing a level or before deciding to move to the next level.

For information regarding TEG exam dates and locations please click HERE

In terms of the commitment required to move through the various TEG levels, TEG has provided the Table below as an indication of the hours of study required to advance through the learning journey.

REMEMBER an interest in doing exams or gaining official certification is NOT a prerequisite for any of our courses / modules, but we do help those interested in TEG certification to achieve their goals.

Coláiste na Rinne offers Irish language classes in small group settings, for those who are:

  • taking their first steps on their learning journey – 80 to 100 hours of study recommended – TEG A1 
  • interim level between A1 and A2 for learners who are revisiting a previous knowledge of Irish TEG A1+
  • beyond beginners and making good progress – 160 to 200 hours of study recommended TEG A2 
  • interim level between A2 and B1 for learners who are preparing to move from A2 to B1  TEG A2+
  • competent and can conduct conversations with ease 350 – 400 hours of study recommended – TEG B1 
  • advanced level of knowledge / university level 500 – 600 hours of study recommended – TEG B2

 Coláiste na Rinne also offers online programmes to support certain professional curricula such as for example, that undertaken by teachers in training.

Coláiste na Rinne delivers the TEG levels typically over two modules per level, with two interim levels A1+ and A2+ being just one module. Please note that each 8 week series / module constitutes 12 hours of tuition, therefore for those who are aiming to take TEG exams, participants may be advised to complete the same module(s) more than once, and also undertake additional self directed study depending on the level they are taking. Please refer to the table above for the suggested recommended number of hours of study required to master each level. Further information concerning the TEG levels and exams can be found on the TEG’s FAQs section.
This means that half the learning themes for each level are addressed in Module 1, over a programme of 8 consecutive weeks and the second half delivered in Module 2, over the next programme of 8 consecutive weeks. The Modules do not have to be done sequentially.

If you wish to explore the full syllabus for each module and theme please click the level in which you are interested:

TEG A1 Siollabas

TEG A2 Siollabas

TEG B1 Siollabas

TEG B2 Siollabas

Please see below the list of themes addressed per level and per module by Coláiste na Rinne’s online teachers: