• Classes are teacher led and fully interactive and are delivered over 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Ranganna idirghníomhacha atá i gceist á dtabhairt ag múinteoir le taitihí thar tréimhse 8 seachtaine
  • There is a series on Tuesday evenings 7pm to 8.30pm or alternatively Saturdays 4pm to 5.30pm Irish Time.
  • Beidh sraith ranganna ar an Mháirt ó 7 – 8.30 i.n. nó ar an Satharn 4 – 5.30 i.n. (am in Éirinn)
  • Each class lasts 90 minutes and the class sizes are small i.e. between 8 and 12 participants.
  • Maireann gach rang 90 nóiméad agus coimeádtar srian ar líon na ndaltaí i ngach rang (idir 8 – 12 duine)
  • There is plenty of opportunity to ask the teachers questions, practise conversation, reading and writing.
  • Bíonn neart deiseanna chun ceisteanna a chur ar an múinteoir, comhrá a chleachtadh maraon le taithí a fháil ar léamh agus scríobh na Gaeilge.
  • The class materials are emailed to participants in advance of the class and a recording of the class provided after every class, which allow participants to look and listen back at the classes at their own pace and convenience.
  • Seoltar ábhar na ranganna amach roimh ré i r-phost agus tar éis an rang, cuirtear taifead den obair a deineadh ar aghaidh do na scoláirí, gné a chabhraíonn go mór leis an bhfoghlaim.
  • An opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world
  • Deis iontach iad na ranganna bualadh le daoine ar fud na cruinne le suim sa Ghaeilge agus sa chultúr.
  • All you need to participate is a PC or Laptop or Mac or similar Device and an internet connection
  • Níl ag teastáil chun páirt a ghlacadh sna ranganna ach Ríomaire / Mac agus nasc leis an idirlíon.

The next series can be booked HERE
Cuir d’áit in áirithe ANSEO

Classes will take place subject to demand.


We deliver the TEG levels over two modules per level. This means that half the learning themes for each level are addressed in Module 1 and the second half delivered in Module 2. The Modules do not have to be done sequentially.


Coláiste na Rinne’s online courses and the summer immersion course are suitable for :

  • learners new to the Irish language as well as those already on their learning journey
  • learners who have a personal or a professional interest in improving their Irish
  • parents / grandparents who want to help their children / grandchildren at school
  • learners of any age who want to reignite a previous interest in the Irish language
  • learners who live in Ireland and those from around the world

REMEMBER an interest in doing exams or gaining official certification is NOT a prerequisite for any of our courses / modules, but we do help those interested in TEG certification to achieve their goals.

Coláiste na Rinne offers Irish language classes in small group settings, for those who are:

  • taking their FIRST STEPS on their learning journey – TEG A1
  • COMPETENT already but interested in continuous improvement and who may be interested in taking the TEG B1 exam at some stage.

Learners who already have a very high degree of fluency and are committed to perfecting their knowledge are welcome to contact the Coláiste to discuss their specific requirements. Coláiste na Rinne also offers online programmes to support certain professional curricula such as for example, that undertaken by teachers in training.


Gaelchultúr offers an online test HERE which can help learners estimate their level of proficiency, however, this test does focus primarily on knowledge of grammar as opposed to ability to converse, for that reason the score may understate learners’ capacity to converse competently.  The test takes between 30 and 40 minutes to complete and can be used as a guide to proficiency only.

  • Learners who score around 40% or more in the Gaelchultúr test are most likely to find the content and pace of the TEG B1 (COMPETENT) class appropriate.
  • Those scoring between 20% and 40% and / or those who like to learn at a more relaxed pace may find the TEG A2 (MAKING PROGRESS) class more suitable.
  • Learners who are starting or are at the very early stages of learning are welcome in our TEG A1 (BEGINNERS) class.


For those who wish to make consistent progress in their level of proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Irish, completing online classes, in conjunction with attendance at a one or two week IMMERSION COURSE  on campus in An Rinn, during August, is an option.